JetStep® W2300 System

The JetStep W2300 system is engineered for all major advanced packaging processes.

Product Overview

The JetStep W2300 System has been specifically designed to meet advanced packaging challenges head on. As resolution, overlay and many more technical specifications become tighter and more sophisticated for semiconductor advanced packaging processes, fulfilling lithography requirements becomes a challenge. With specialized large field optics and key system advantages, the system delivers maximum throughput without limiting resolution and overlay.

JetStep W2300 System
JetStep W2300 System



  • High-fidelity projection lens and illumination system delivers the largest process window for 2/2
  • User-selectable wavelength settings
  • Automatic compensation of die shift for superior registration to zero layer
  • Backside alignment
  • 6-inch square reticle format enables cost efficient reticle and lower COO
  • 6 degrees of freedom reticle chuck with automated magnification adjustment for precise layer to layer registration

  • Automated reticle handling and storage system with fast reticle exchange to maximize throughput
  • Fully programmable and flexible pattern recognition alignment system
  • Real time “on the fly” autofocus at every exposure site to automatically adjust focus over topology
  • Environmental management system to mitigate fab contamination

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