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Know what you are looking for? Here's a list of all Onto Innovation products.

Aspect® System

Advanced OCD metrology system for 3D NAND and high aspect ratio structures

Atlas® Series

Advanced standalone OCD & thin film metrology

AutoShell® Software

Integrate equipment and factory 4.0+ systems quickly and comprehensively

ControlWORKS® Software

The SEMI compliant foundation for optimized operations and material movement on your process equipment

Discover® Defect Software

Greater visibility to drive your smart factory to a cleaner operation

Discover® FDC Software

Your tool’s stepping stone to Industry 4.0

Discover® Patterns Software

Revealing signals hidden in everyday noise

Discover® Review Software

Your smart factory’s human classification interface

Discover® RMS Software

The cornerstone to factory control through recipe management

Discover® Run-to-Run Software

Targeting the sweet spot for your smart factory

Discover® Yield Software

Analytic bridge to a more profitable Industry 4.0

Dragonfly® G3 System

Automated high speed sub-micron 2D inspection and combo 3D inspection/metrology for inline process control of pattern defects and next generation technologies for advanced packaging, specialty and OQA

EB40™ Module

Edge and backside inspection

Echo System

Opto-acoustic film metrology for in-line metal film thickness measurements and material characterization.

Element™ System

Transmission and reflection based FTIR Measurement for wafer suppliers and device makers

F30™ System

Advanced macro inspection for front-end manufacturers

Firefly® G3 System

Sub-micron automatic defect inspection for advanced IC substrates and panel level packaging


Integrated thin film and OCD metrology solution

Inspection Tool Productivity Software

Software solutions to increase the value of data available from your inspection tool

Iris™ Series

Metrology system for thin film and common OCD measurement

IVS™ Series

Overlay and CD metrology for the compound semiconductor, power devices, RF, MEMS, LED and advanced packaging markets

JetStep® G35 System

High-resolution imaging for flat panel display applications up to Gen 3.5 size

JetStep® G45 System

High-resolution imaging for flat panel display applications up to Gen 4.5 size

JetStep® S3500 System

Advanced packaging lithography system for rectangular or square panel substrates up to Gen 3.5 size (720mm x 600mm)

JetStep® W2300 System

Advanced packaging lithography system for round substrates up to 330mm

JetStep® X500 System

Designed for advanced integrated circuit substrates (AICS) or advanced packaging manufacturing applications, incorporating a 250mm x 250mm large field exposure area achieving 3μm L/S resolution over a large DOF and with a throughput of >110pph

NovusEdge® G2 System

Unpatterned edge, notch and backside inspection

NSX® 330 System

2D automated defect inspection and sample 3D inspection for advanced packaging

OCD® Solutions

Comprehensive OCD solutions for inline metrology, offline computing and fleet management

Partners in Progress

Our customers and Onto Innovation solutions: 1+1=3. Good ideas, better implementation, visionary solutions

PrecisionWoRx® VX4 System

Wafer probe card test and analysis system

TrueADC® Software

The one and only automated defect classification system for smart factories

Yield Optimizer™ Software

Machine learning that looks beyond known relationships