Aspect® System

The Aspect metrology system is a revolutionary optical platform that is designed for the current and future challenges of advanced 3D NAND devices.

Product Overview

Memory density increases with both layer-pair scaling and tier stacking for memory stacks well over 200 pairs. The Aspect metrology system was designed with these future architectures and scaling strategies in mind. Aspect metrology is demonstrating performance superior to X-ray systems across multiple customer devices through a revolutionary infrared optical system providing full profiling capability to enable critical etch and deposition control, with the speed and process coverage that customers require.

The Aspect system is powered by a powerful software analysis engine, Ai Diffract™ Technology, that provides up to 90% faster time to solution which extends the industry leading NanoDiffract® software by leveraging extensive machine learning capabilities along with high fidelity modeling. The result is a simultaneous improvement in metrology performance along with a significant time to solution reduction.

Aspect System
Aspect System


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