Across many industries, 4D Technology’s measurement products are enabling new engineering and manufacturing advances.

Aerospace and Defense

In aerospace and defense industry optical systems, being able to take measurements in the presence of vibration and turbulence is often critical.

Imaging technologists in the defense industry—as well as researchers in planetary sciences—depend on 4D’s interferometers to measure and align their optics.

Aviation and Automotive

Accurate measurement of surface defects on turbine blades, fir-tree roots and other structures is critical to long component life and safe operation.

The 4D InSpec can instantly measure features and defects from 0.1–100 mils deep on parts with challenging geometries.


Ophthalmic measurements

4D Technology systems aid in the production measurement of contact lenses and lens molds.The unique instruments also aid researchers in studying eye responses to help improve vision correction and to understand complex eye mechanisms.

Optics and Telescope Manufacturing

Large telescope systems have challenges with turbulence and focal length to get good measurements.

With vibration immune measurement technology, precision optics manufacturers can measure in situ, in vacuum, cyro, or production.


IC production requires high levels of control of wafer flatness and polish at all stages. 

Measuring lithographic optics, wafer flatness, thickness, and the surface roughness of polishing with dynamic instruments enables inline surface metrology at production speeds.

Vision Systems

Helping machines to see

From imaging the sun’s corona during the eclipse to imaging for autonomous travel, 4D Technology has unique snapshot polarimeter cameras to help machines see changes in polarization in real time.

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