Echo™ System

Picosecond ultrasonic technology, or PULSE™ technology, is the industry standard for metal film metrology. The Echo™ System is the latest addition to Onto Innovation's family of acoustic metrology products and is designed to extend the leadership across multiple leading-edge device segments. 

Product Overview

The Echo system is a comprehensive in-line metal film metrology tool for single and multi-layer metal film measurements in leading-edge logic, memory, advanced packaging, and specialty semiconductor devices. The innovative optics design extends the dynamic range for film thickness measurement from 50Å to 35µm on a single platform and offers extendibility to measure high aspect ratio advanced 3D NAND structures. Expert Applications System (EASy™) software provides flexibility for development of user-defined algorithms for modeling complex multi-layer stacks. The Echo system also expands the materials characterization capability of the PULSE technology systems. In addition to Young’s Modulus of low-k dielectric films in BEOL and amorphous carbon hard masks in 3D NAND, the Echo system includes updated electronics and algorithms for implant monitor and thermal conductivity characterization. The small spot size combined with rapid measurements enables full wafer mapping capabilities to 0.5mm edge exclusion, improving information turns and quality of information during process development and optimization.  

Echo System
Echo System



  • Gate metals (W, WSi, Ru)
  • Plug & Contact (W, WN, NiPt, Co)
  • Barrier (Ti, TiN, Ta, TaN)
  • Cu damascene metallization (seed, EP, CMP)
  • Top metal (Al, TiN/Al)
  • RF electrode/IDT (Mo, AlN, Pt)
  • UBM, RDL (Au, Ni, TiW)

  • Magnetic head stacks (NiFe, CoFe, NiCr, Cr, Ru, Au)
  • 3D NAND Hard mask (amorphous carbon)
  • MEMS (thick poly, Ge)
  • Modulus measurements of low-k, ultra low-k films
  • Implant
  • Thermal conductivity 


  • In-line opto-acoustic measurements using femtosecond ultrafast laser
  • Small spot size (8x10µm) enables measurements in a 15µm site size
  • Typical thickness of metal films from 50Å to 35µm
  • High throughput up to 60wph
  • Intrinsic cross-fab fleet matching 

  • Automation options capable of handling 150, 200, and 300mm wafers
  • EASy advanced modeling algorithms
  • Central Recipe Manager for maintaining fleet security and control
  • Discover® software interpolation, reporting and SPC process control

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