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Bare Wafer

Ensuring quality silicon wafers and substrates needed for today's semiconductor manufacturing.

Bare Wafer Bare Wafer


Moore's Law continues to drive the scaling of logic devices and, likewise, the challenges to process and process control.

Logic/Foundry Logic/Foundry


Memory has become the cornerstone of the mobile world and one of the most critical semiconductor devices manufactured today.

Memory Memory


Mobile communications and miniaturization has led to an explosion in the quantity and complexity of the RF devices needed in this connected world. The advent of 5G technology will propel RF devices and modules to a new level. MEMS devices fuel innovation for IoT in industrial and consumer electronics, and the complex and unique manufacturing processes require a unique approach to process control.



Across many industries, 4D Technology’s measurement products are enabling new engineering and manufacturing advances.

Industrial/Scientific Industrial/Scientific

Image Sensors

Pixel size has decreased and the array density increased to improve camera resolution. Additionally, laser-based sensors are now being combined to integrate distance and shape recognition.

Image Sensors Image Sensors

Advanced Packaging

Whether on wafer or panel, advanced packaging offers reduced package cost and/or form factor. See how Onto Innovation can solve the most pressing challenges.

Advanced Packaging Advanced Packaging


With a growing number of applications for High Brightness LEDs, manufacturers are looking for better strategies to increase yield and improve performance.

LED/Power LED/Power

Probe Test

As probe cards become increasingly more expensive, both the quality and the Cost of Ownership become areas of important focus for both manufacturers and users of advanced probe cards.

Probe Test Probe Test

Flat Panel Display

Today’s mobile displays are becoming more sophisticated and new technologies are needed to advance the industry to next-generation technologies such as foldable and rollable displays. See how Onto Innovation can help you reach the next level.

Flat Panel Display Flat Panel Display