Inspection Tool Productivity Software

When you combine tool results with our data aggregation platform and productivity software, you gain efficiency, scalability, and analytics capability improvements not available in a standalone tool. Onto software integrates into a variety of user scenarios and solutions to meet a customer’s unique needs.

Enhance Your Tool Results with Onto Software

  • Data Management: Comprehensive perspective of results over time for inline monitoring, alarming, and reporting of inspection and metrology results (Discover Defect)
  • Review:  Manually view and classify defects to update inspection, ADC, and SPR codes on inspected materials without impacting tool capacity. (Discover Review)
  • Reporting: Communicate the results that drive action into factory systems and information for end-user graphics. (Discover Report)
  • Automated Defect Classification: The automation necessary to classify anomalies prior to wafers exiting the AOI tool (TrueADC Front, Edge, and Backside, TrueADC+, TrueADC Edge)
  • Spatial Pattern Recognition: Pattern recognition to control tool binning, tool image capture, and post-process analysis (Discover Pattern) High-volume metrology: Effective solution to handle and store 2GB+, 100M+ bumps result files produced when high bump count wafers are evaluated for all requisite metrology (Discover HVM Bump Server)

Integrated software solutions with Onto AOI
Integrated software solutions with Onto AOI

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