Discover® Run-to-Run Software

Maximize profits and productivity with quick factory-wide deployment on any process or tool. Discover Run-to-Run software is designed to save manufacturers money by increasing Cpk and throughput while reducing pilot wafers and engineering time.

Product Overview

Discover Run-to-Run Software, previously known as ProcessWORKS® Software, is a self-contained, feature-rich application that enables run-to-run supervisory process control that goes beyond traditional statistical process control and process monitoring. The software allows users to achieve process goals in terms of desired effects such as thickness, by adjusting machine settings such as time of deposition. Discover Run-to-Run software comprehends high mix production, and one control strategy can be transferred between factories.

Discover Run-to-Run software is controlling thousands of tools in hundreds of different process areas 24x7 worldwide. This framework-based APC solution can be quickly fanned out across any factory, providing a significant and immediate return on investment.

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