Dragonfly® G2 System

Combining 2D and 3D technologies to detect yield-robbing defects and measure features critical for today's packaging technology, the Dragonfly G2 system will reset the industry's expectations for throughput, accuracy and reliability.

Product Overview

2D imaging technology provides fast, reliable inspection for defects down to one micron. Onto Innovation's patented Truebump® Technology combines multiple 3D metrology techniques to deliver 100% bump height. This new technology is the foundation of Onto Innovation’s products designed to offer fast throughput, increased brightfield and darkfield sensitivity and solves site alignment challenges for large die.

The Dragonfly G2 system now offers Clearfind® Technology for non-visual residue detection.

The Dragonfly G2 system is tightly integrated with control and analytical software for real-time analysis and review, IR defect review, while also providing offline review options. When massive amounts of bump data are generated during inspection, users now have the analytical tools to visualize data, correct process variations and improve yields.

Dragonfly System
Dragonfly System



  • Inline real-time focusing
  • Flexible platform to allow for metrology sensor integration
  • IR defect review (option)
  • Integrated review and analysis (option)
  • Large die and package support (>1000sq mm2)
  • Substrate support: 100mm - 330mm wafers

  • Substrate handling: wafer, frame, warped, thin, waffle pack, porous
  • High warped wafer handling
  • Waferless recipe creation using automated alignment and CAD import
  • Tool matching and recipe sharing with common recipe server
  • Automated binning and classification to identify critical defects
  • Online and offline review capability

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