EB40™ Module

Combining edge and backside inspection into one module

Product Overview

The Class 1 certified E40 and B40 modules (available separately or combined in one module) can automatically detect defects on the entire edge, from zone 1 to 5, and the entire backside. The ability to inspect the entire backside allows for faster root-cause analysis of zone 5 defects since such defects can migrate from the wafer interior.

The EB40 module captures defect images on the fly, creates whole-wafer composite images, and is fully integrated for SEM bevel review. All inspection and metrology results, including defect, whole wafer and SEM images can be analyzed together in a single database using our Discover Defect software analysis package. Correlating EBR metrology with all-surface defectivity data, SEM data and micro-inspection results is only the beginning of what Discover software can do. In addition to the advanced on-tool defect binning, real-time edge ADC classification can be assigned to defects prior to manual offline review using Discover Review software.

EB40 Module
EB40 Module


Edge Inspection

  • Lithography process monitoring
  • Cracks/Chips
  • Residue
  • EBR Concentricity
  • Bonding adhesive inspection

Backside Inspection

  • Scratches
  • Chuck/end effector signatures
  • Wafer level pattern detection
  • Backside defect to frontside defect correlation


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