Firefly® G3 System

The Firefly G3 system provides an automated inspection solution for advanced IC substrates and panel level packaging by delivering high resolution and productivity to meet the needs of demanding end applications like high-performance computing (HPC), artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing and machine/deep learning.

Product Overview

The Firefly G3 platform offers multiple imaging modes, including Onto Innovation’s patented Clearfind® Technology, a technique to detect residue defects on metal and metal defects on organic layers. The combination of high sensitivity inspection, 2D/3D metrology and on tool color image capture capability in a single platform reduces capital investment requirements and provides a reliable pathway for panel-based process applications that require high I/O counts and multiple-chip integration.

Integration with Onto Innovation’s Discover® Defect and TrueADC® software quickly turns defect data into actionable process control, improves defect classification and reduces manual review. It enables our customers to develop, learn and analyze new processes reliably while significantly improving their product delivery time to market.

Firefly G3 System
Firefly G3 System



  • TDI line scan inspection camera
  • Broadband LED for brightfield, darkfield and high angle ring light
  • Unique Clearfind illumination technology
  • 2/2µm L/S capable – defect sensitivity down to 0.7µm
  • Real time focus tracking system for high resolution inspection
  • On-the-fly image capture during inspection
  • On-tool high-resolution color image capture for review
  • Integrated 2D metrology for overlay, critical dimension and die position measurement

  • Optional 3D metrology sensors
  • Tool matching and recipe sharing with common recipe server
  • On-tool automated binning by defect characteristics
  • Support glass and CCL substrates with sizes up to 650mm x 650mm
  • High warpage handling solution
  • TrueADC software: Real-time defect classification to reduce nuisance defects
  • StepFAST software: Fan-out die placement error solution

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