Discover® FDC Software

An automated, intelligent fault detection and classification (FDC) software solution that seamlessly combines key wafer-level data with tool signal and event data into a single framework, Equipment Sentinel software gives users a comprehensive view of equipment and processes.

Product Overview

Discover FDC Software, previously known as Equipment Sentinel™ software provides semiconductor manufacturers with a complete snapshot of the fab via an integrated user interface that correlates key advanced process control (APC) and yield management system (YMS) metrics. Scaling with ease to the entire fab, Discover FDC software manages huge volumes of data and real-time analysis to predict tool fails before they grow into a much larger problem. Its bi-directional data flows enable sensor and product data to be tightly correlated into a single knowledge computing engine, maximizing signal-to-noise ratios and helping to avoid the false positives typically plaguing traditional FDC solutions.

By helping bring equipment back online faster, this production-tested software is designed to significantly reduce labor costs – particularly engineer and operator labor – and dramatically improve cycle time. Discover FDC software also identifies meaningful correlations with data from other systems, such as Discover Defect software, customer SPC, other metrology. 

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