Probe Test 

Probe (or "wafer" or "sort") test is increasingly more important as hybrid and 2.5/3D devices become prevalent.

Probe card photos courtesy of Technoprobe

Probe Card Test

Probe Card Test

Advanced probe card technologies support advances in semiconductor test to include RF test and test of hybrid devices. As probe cards become increasingly more expensive, both the quality and the Cost of Ownership become areas of important focus for both manufacturers and users of advanced probe cards. Probe cards, once seen as "consumables" now comprise the greatest proportion of the cost of test.

The PrecisionWoRx VX4 System supports these important requirements.

Probe Mark Inspection

Avoiding short term and long term failures

The process of testing can sometimes cause problems on a device that will lead to short term or long term failure. Broken window, punchthrough and missing probe marks are all problems that impact yield immediately. Not only is it necessary to ensure that the probing process did not damage a device to the point of failure, but it is equally important to ensure that the probing process is under control and is not trending toward failure.

Onto Innovation inspection solutions offer a comprehensive approach to finding probe-related defects, measuring probe marks and driving analysis to simplify the process of optimizing a prober and probe card. Probe mark inspection can automatically detect broken window defects, punchthrough and provide probe mark measurement data during a normal defect inspection. Probe mark measurement data (length, width, position, distance to edge) can be combined with prober touch down maps (Device Under Test) information to quickly and intuitively identify probing problems that originate at the prober or the probe card and can further quantify the exact change that needs to occur to bring the process back into control.

Consulting and Applications Services

Onto Innovation's process control consulting services allow busy manufacturers to focus on production while we examine how to improve the process.

The Onto Innovation applications teams have over twenty years of experience with hundreds of successful projects worldwide across multiple industries. Contact us today to discuss your application study needs.

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