Discover® Yield Software

A complete yield management enterprise platform that combines parametric, defect and yield optimization with data mining and workflow development across all data sources from memory and design to assembly and packaging.

Product Overview

Discover Yield Software, previously known as Genesis® Software, utilizes a patented automated decision making technology, YieldMine®, to reduce the time it takes to find root causes of yield excursions and enable manufacturers to broaden their analysis scope for better yield management.

The software includes data acquisition and integration, a development environment through workflow and scripting, and specialized analysis algorithms to identify domain-specific issues, such as data mining, spatial anomalies, wafer processing sequence problems, commonality of effects, system and random yield loss, chamber matching, tool events, traceability and more. Discover Yield software’s database architecture for genealogy uniquely supports value chain predictive analytics.

In addition, Discover Yield Software provides distinct tools – principal components and multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA) – that allow systematic, simultaneous examination of multiple variables. These tools are combined with the data mining technology to provide a powerful tool set for yield analysis. 

With implementations around the world, let Discover Yield software go to work for you.

Improving baseline yield with analytics
Improving baseline yield with analytics

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