JetStep® G45 System

The JetStep G45 System addresses the demanding requirements of the mobile display industry. Based on established stepper technology, the system combines optimized performance capabilities with superior cost of ownership.

Product Overview

The JetStep G45 System features <1.5μm resolution capability across a field size diameter of >200mm. Low distortion optics combined with high-speed precision motions enables the system to achieve overlay of <0.5μm.

The JetStep G45 system magnification optics allow for the use of a 6-inch reticle (mask), significantly reducing the tooling cost when compared to competing technologies. Additionally, the system features a small footprint, minimizes facility cost, and its frictionless motions reduce wear which lowers maintenance costs. The combined savings result in an affordable manufacturing process with reduced CAPEX and low Cost of Ownership (COO).

JetStep G45 System
JetStep G45 System



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