AutoShell® Software

Accelerate Industry 4.0 adoption by connecting multiple data sources throughout the fab in a single platform 

Product Overview

When fabs are constantly confronted with change, organizations must intelligently deploy resources to remain competitive. AutoShell software provides the tools to adapt effectively and seamlessly by connecting systems, equipment, and people in the factory. With industry-leading reliability and unprecedented uptime, AutoShell software is a prerequisite to the digital transformation underway today.

AutoShell software’s complete integration solution unites products, processes, equipment, stakeholders, and facilities. By leveraging multiple communication protocols across factory-wide networks, AutoShell software maximizes limited IT resources while its coordinated gateway, DAQ, AutoShell automation suite and development kit (multiple languages) efficiently manages and communicates data. Today’s AutoShell software customers execute factory operations without interruption on over 10,000 systems across more than 500 product types.

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