OCD® Solutions

OCD Solutions technology optimizes the full capability and connectivity of the Atlas and IMPULSE systems for optical critical dimension (OCD) metrology. 

Product Overview

Onto Innovation’s OCD technology offers advanced packages for powerful OCD modeling and advanced machine learning capability, next-generation real-time regression, offline sensitivity analysis tools and comprehensive GUI and structure input for true multi-variant modeling. The Ai Diffract software package components deliver advanced capabilities in intuitive and easy to deploy hardware form factors.

Each component extends seamless OCD capabilities to Atlas, Iris and Aspect standalone and IMPULSE integrated metrology systems, from offline recipe support and development to fab-wide networking and connectivity for easy fleet management.

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Comprehensive OCD solutions
Comprehensive OCD solutions

Ai Diffract™ Software

AI-guided OCD modeling and analysis software for high accuracy in-line optical metrology and offline recipe development

Ai Diffract software is a powerful modeling, visualization and analysis software with an intuitive 3D modeling interface to simplify building and visualization of today’s most complex semiconductor devices. Ai Diffract software’s proprietary fitting algorithms enable fast and accurate calculations for signal processing for high fidelity model-based measurements. Automation features for spectral fitting, recipe optimization, and sensitivity analysis offer great user productivity. The first in market AI-guided engine synergizes physics-based modeling and machine learning to deliver the most robust solution with quick time to solution.

Ai Diffract Modeler is the offline analytical engine that allows users to create and edit recipes offline.

Ai Diffract Onboard is the on-tool runtime engine that maximizes tool throughput for complex uses cases.

Ai Diffract Cluster

Enterprise scale computing server deployed for offline recipe development or in-line real-time regression solution

The Ai Diffract Cluster is an enterprise scale computing hardware system that provides computer-intensive analysis either for offline recipe development or in-line real-time regression solution. The system is optimized to support the workload of Ai Diffract software analysis. 

Recipe Distribution Server (RDS) / Nexus Servers

Fab-wide networking and server system for fleet management and connectivity

RDS/Nexus servers are a fab-based networking and server system providing connectivity and support to Ai Diffract software, recipe management, feed-forward and Atlas/IMPULSE system fleet management.

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