Presentation posted on Oct 15, 2017

Maximizing Cost Efficiencies and Productivity for AMOLED Backplane Manufacturing

from Display Innovation China 2017

Lithography is a critical process in the manufacturing of backplanes and touches the majority of the layers associated with fabricating the transistor drive circuitry.  Beyond the typical lithography performance parameters of resolution and overlay, throughput is an essential component to achieve effective efficiencies.  However, throughput performance without considering the manufacturing cost or operational cost does not maximize cost efficiencies. The typical FPD lithography systems in use for the current manufacturing processes rely on large photomask and high power Hg lamps to achieve throughput. These factors result in large operating costs that, when considered over the life of the system, it can dwarf the original system purchase cost, minimizing the efficiency gains of high throughput.  Additionally, a great deal of tracking and inspection is performed to monitor the process which results in the generation of large amounts of data, but only limited benefits  are gained from the time-consuming efforts, mostly in the form of identifying processes that have gone out of tolerance of defective product.  This limitation, in part, stems from dealing with large amounts of data, limited analytical tools, feedback mechanisms for compensation and reporting that are lacking in most fabwide software suites.  This paper presents innovative approaches to reduce operating costs while achieving throughput and integrated fabwide software to maximize yield.   This comprehensive solutions approach results in optimal cost efficiencies and enhances productivity.