Presentation posted on Oct 18, 2017

Probe Card Metrology: Challenges and Solutions

from COMPASS 2017

The increasing complexity of advanced probe card solutions conspires to have probe card investment outweigh nearly any other investment in the logic probe test cell, today. Probe cards are necessary to support the testing in high parallelism of Applications Processors and Graphics or Micro‐processors, today, are frequently representing a meaningful fraction of the cost of the underlying test system. Ensuring the proper build/manufacture of these cards requires probe card metrology capable of substantially emulating that test system. But, more to the point, ensuring on‐going performance and extending the useful life of these cards demands that users increasingly invest in probe card metrology that is similarly capable. This paper will explore the attributes of “probe card metrology solutions” to include the Probe Card Metrology and Probe Card Interface (or motherboard) necessary to insure the goodness of the probe test cell in manufacturing.