Fifth generation integrated metrology platform powered by industry-leading optics and machine learning solutions, combining high sensitivity with high throughput for CMP, deposition, etch and litho applications.

Product Overview

Based on demonstrated high-resolution optical technology, the IMPULSE V system provides higher sensitivity to thin film residue measurements during the CMP process. The IMPULSE platform boasts the industry’s most reliable hardware with best-in-class reliability and productivity metrics.  This next generation IMPULSE V system extends this reliability at a significantly higher throughput, staying in sync with the need for higher sampling, in-die / on-device and wafer edge measurements. The advanced optics and specifically designed measurement chamber offer a significant improvement in signal to noise ratio (SNR), achieving a >2X improvement in precision over the previous generation of integrated metrology. On-board machine learning uses the additional SNR to complete this powerful package, enabling a faster time-to-solution as well as closing the gap on layers that were previously unmeasurable by the existing toolset. 

The IMPULSE V system and the Atlas V system form a comprehensive thin film and optical critical dimension measurement solution for semiconductor fabs, enabling higher yield via feed forward of information with a seamless exchange of recipes and data.


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