Atlas® V System

The Atlas V thin film and OCD system is latest generation metrology tool for leading-edge FinFET, gate-all-around (GAA) FET, 3D NAND, and advanced DRAM device manufacturing.

Product Overview

The new Atlas V metrology system is designed to measure several key steps that include buried features, not visible by CD-SEM and other techniques. Through remarkable improvements in the optical systems, mechanical sub-systems and software algorithms, the Atlas V system can precisely measure the very subtle variations for device parameters and reveal weak process corners for engineers to improve their process robustness in the fab. The sensitivity of Atlas V metrology enables these critical dimensions to be measured with high accuracy and sensitivity, extending the capability of optical solutions for generations of devices and eliminating the need for other slower process control techniques.

The Atlas V technology enables the performance needed for customers’ development of GAA/3D NAND/DRAM and is over 100 times faster than X-ray solutions for these structures. Select Onto Innovation customers have validated this new OCD technology and have seen the speed and resolution that was once thought to be beyond the limits of optical technology. 

Atlas V System
Atlas V System


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