Blog Post posted on Sep 8, 2022

Hunting For Macro Defects: The Importance Of Bare Wafer Inspection

from Semiconductor Engineering

As logic and memory semiconductor devices approach the limits of Moore’s Law, the requirements for accuracy in layer transfer become increasingly stringent. One leading silicon wafer manufacturer estimates that 50% of epitaxial wafer supply for logic will be on nodes equal to or less than 7nm. This is up approximately 30% from earlier in the decade.

To meet the demands of extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography, these leading-edge epi-deposited substrates have tighter specifications than previous substrates. Consider 3-5nm logic nodes: the image placement requirement can be as low as 3nm [1].

With the more stringent requirements of EUV lithography in mind, wafer makers are searching for new solutions, such as those addressing the primary reason for inaccuracies in image transfer: macro defects.

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