Blog Post posted on Nov 10, 2021

Advanced Modeling In FTIR Offers New Applications For HVM

from Semiconductor Engineering

In the leading high-volume manufacturing (HVM) process flows, materials-enabled scaling has increased inline applications for compositional metrology.

A previous blog discussed how Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy was used for inline composition measurements. These measurements informed advanced process control for the wafer-level processing of selectively etched 3D NAND wordlines and DRAM capacitor profiles.

FTIR metrology has further HVM applications, including incoming substrate quality assurance, hardmask selectivity qualifications in the middle of the line, and verification of Low-K porogen evolution during interlayer dielectric (ILD) depositions on the back end of the line. These examples illustrate how FTIR modeling delivers metrics based on materials’ bond types for compositional process control.

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