Jun 1, 2022 San Diego, California

Digital Transformation - The Cornerstone of Future Semiconductor and Advanced Packaging Growth

Mike Rosa

Mike Rosa

Presentation at Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC)
7:30pm — 9:00pm

2022 ECTC Plenary Session

This panel discussions with industry experts and executives across the supply chain will address the impact of digital transformation on our industry, industry dynamics and future trends. Main topics that will be addressed:

  • Digital transformation impact on economies and industries
  • How are companies preparing for digital transformation in the semiconductor and packaging industry
  • Industry trends & applications driving semiconductor adoption and growth of advanced packaging
  • The economics of packaging vs. SoCs
  • Industry dynamics: business model evolution, investments, supply challenges and disruption

Onto Innovation is pleased to participate in a panel discussion led by chairs Rozalia Beica (AT&S) and Ed Sperling (Semiconductor Engineering).

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