Atlas® III+ System

The Atlas III+ system is a thin film and OCD metrology system for 3D device manufacturing.

Product Overview

By extending metrology performance to sub-angstrom precision and accuracy levels, the Atlas III+ system enables advanced process control across a broad range of applications in high volume manufacturing. The Atlas family of products incorporate a proprietary spectroscopic reflectometry and spectroscopic ellipsometry solution, and when combined with Onto Innovation’s industry leading Spectraprobe™ and AI-Diffract™ OCD analysis software, enable process control of every critical manufacturing unit operation. The Atlas III+ system and AI-Diffract solution provides insight of complex structure profiles across etch, clean, deposition and CMP steps.

Atlas III+ System
Atlas III+ System


Related Product in the Atlas Family

The Atlas XP+ System

Atlas XP+ system offers a single platform for both thin film and OCD measurements for 200mm wafer metrology. The system incorporates a dual-arm robot, high-precision stage and high-speed focus system. The system also features advanced pattern recognition, improved thickness reproducibility and superior SR and SE throughput. The N2000™ software interface and advanced automation are compliant with standards adopted by SEMI and other organizations. The NanoNet® feature, a network component of the N2000 Analysis Platform software provides system-to-system matching and seamless recipe transferability.

Atlas XP+ System
Atlas XP+ System

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