MetaPULSE® G System

The MetaPULSE G System uses a laser-based technique that is non-contact, non-destructive and is capable of single and multi-layer thickness measurements.

Product Overview

The MetaPULSE Series is the industry standard for thickness measurements of metal films. The MetaPULSE G System delivers superior performance on all metal films, and is optimized for thin single and multilayer applications that are critical in advanced logic, memory and 3D packaging processes. Onto Innovation's patented PULSE™ Technology offers a non-contact, non-destructive technique to measure the thickness of each layer in a multi-layer metal film stack on product wafers, without interference from underlying layers or levels. Unlike optical and x-ray techniques, PULSE Technology measures film thickness using a time-resolved acoustic signal that can be used in active die without the requirement for special metrology test sites.

MetaPULSE G System
MetaPULSE G System


  • Gate metals (W, WSi, Ru)
  • Plug & Contact (W, WN, NiPt, Co)
  • Barrier (Ti, TiN, Ta, TaN)
  • Cu damascene metallization (Seed, EP, CMP)
  • Top metal (Al, TiN/Al)
  • RF electrode/IDT (Mo, AlN, Pt)

  • UBM, RDL (Au, Ni, TiW)
  • Magnetic head stacks (NiFe, CoFe, NiCr, Cr, Ru, Au)
  • 3D NAND Hard mask (Amorphous Carbon)
  • MEMS (Thick Poly, Ge)
  • Modulus measurements of low-k, ultra low-k films


  • In-line opto-acoustic measurements using femtosecond ultrafast laser
  • Small spot size (8x10µm) enables measurements in a 15µm site size
  • Typical thickness of metal films from 50Å to 8µm, with option to extend to 12um
  • High throughput up to 60wph
  • Intrinsic tool-to-tool matching exceeding requirements of advanced nodes
  • PULSE Technology, depending on applications, can also determine RMS roughness, material density, adhesion, material phase

  • Automation options capable of handling 150, 200, 300 and 450mm wafers
  • EASy advanced modeling algorithms
  • Central Recipe Manager for maintaining fleet security and control
  • Excursion detection
  • Discover software interpolation, reporting and SPC process control

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