Iris™ Series

The Iris series of tools, which include the Iris C1, T1 and R1 models, enable process control across a broad range of applications in high volume manufacturing with excellent performance as well as cost-of-ownership.

Product Overview

The Iris series is targeted to provide our customer the best cost-of-ownership with a dedicated application-specific optical configuration for HVM applications in semiconductor manufacturing.

The Iris C1 system combines a proprietary spectroscopic ellipsometry solution from the Atlas® family with Onto Innovation’s industry leading AI-Diffract™ OCD analysis software, enabling high precision control of every critical semiconductor process step. The system incorporates a dual-arm robot, high-precision stage and high-speed focus system. The system also features advanced pattern recognition, improved thickness reproducibility and throughput. The N2000™ software interface and advanced automation are compliant with standards adopted by SEMI and other organizations. The Iris system and AI-Diffract solution provides insight of complex structure profiles across etch, clean, deposition, CMP and thin films.

The Iris T1 is a spectroscopic ellipsometer system that provides accurate, repeatable in-line thickness and optical constant measurements of single and multi-layer dielectric films for fab-wide applications. Built on the same field-proven Atlas platform, the Iris T1 system leverages the most recent advances in optics and algorithms, making it best-in-class for performance and cost-of-ownership. The SEMI/CE compliant N2000™ software interface enables recipe sharing between the Iris series of tools. 

Based on a common HBLS optical design derived from our seventh generation Atlas platform and best-in-class deep ultraviolet (DUV) optics, the Iris R1 system offers maximum sensitivity and accuracy to CMP process excursions and enables device makers to establish APC control solutions with high-accuracy feedback. With SpectraProbe™ and NanoDiffract® analysis solutions enabling direct measurements within device and active areas, users are now able to monitor minor process excursions and optimize their processes for higher yields.

Iris System
Iris System


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