IMPULSE®+ System

Integrated metrology platform with significant enhancements to performance and productivity, and is ideally suited to meet the demands for CMP process control.

Product Overview

With tighter wafer-to-wafer and within-wafer uniformity tolerances, integrated metrology systems are in increasing use across various semiconductor processing steps. Traditionally relying on thin film measurements for chemical CMP control, many manufacturers have migrated to an OCD solution to provide better correlation to device performance. Based on a common platform derived from our industry leading Atlas® platform and best-in-class deep ultraviolet (DUV) optics, the IMPULSE+ system offers maximum sensitivity and accuracy to CMP process excursions and enables device makers to establish APC control solutions with high-accuracy feedback. With SpectraProbe™ and NanoDiffract® analysis solutions now enabling direct measurements within device and active areas, users are now able to monitor minor process excursions and optimize their processes for higher yields.

The IMPULSE+ system works in conjunction with the Atlas, NanoDiffract and SpectraProbe analysis solutions, enabling cross-module process optimization and comprehensive fab-wide process control. The IMPULSE+ system is widely adopted across key steps in DRAM, 3D-NAND, CMOS image sensor and foundry/logic device manufacturing.


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