Feb 3 — Feb 12, 2021 Virtual

Inspection and Metrology Solutions for Large Packages and Fine Pitch Bumps

Cheolkyu Kim

Cheolkyu Kim

Presentation at SEMICON Korea
9:00am — 11:52am

High end wireless network technology is making its transition from 4G to 5G for higher data rate and reduced latency. Such a technology shift naturally requires IC chips or the modules of chips that can handle more data at faster speed without signal losses. For mobile devices, form factor has always been another important consideration. From the viewpoint of electrical connection in the IC chip packaging, this shift leads to the reduced line width and spacing for RDL, and increased number of vias and bumps but with smaller sizes. To minimize signal loss, System in Package with embedded antenna is becoming the main choice for the module making the size of the package larger. Additional requirement for the IC chips and their packages in the era of 5G is significantly improved reliability to ensure safety.

To follow the new technology trend, requirements for the process control of packaging is becoming even more stringent looking for the advanced technologies for in-line inspection and metrology that can capture process excursions in an early stage and not miss any defective devices from escape. In this presentation, we are going to talk about requirements, challenges and high value problems in process control for the advanced packaging in 5G era. We will also introduce a few solutions with examples for both inspection and metrology that can meet tight requirement of the advanced package process control.