Jun 1 — Jul 4, 2021 Virtual

Extreme Large Exposure Field with Fine Resolution Lithography Technology to Enable Next Generation Panel Level Advanced Packaging

John Chang

Presentation at 71st Electronic Components and Technology Conference
9:00am — 8:25pm

The growing demand for heterogeneous integration is driven by the 5G market that includes smartphones, data centers, server, HPC, AI and IoT applications. Next-generation packaging technologies require tighter overlay to accommodate a larger package size with finer pitch chip interconnects on large format flexible panels. 

Heterogeneous integration enables next-generation device performance gains by combining multiple silicon nodes and designs inside one package. The package size is expected to grow significantly, increasing to 75x75mm and 150x150mm, within the next few years. For these requirements, an extreme large exposure field with fine resolution lithography will enable packages well over 250x250mm without the need for image stitching while exceeding aggressive overlay and critical uniformity requirements for these packages.

The lithography challenge to fulfill the need of heterogeneous integration is the limitation of exposure field size of the currently available solutions in the market. Multiple shots with stitching is used and this affects not only productivity performance but potential yield loss at the stitching boundary. Addressing the critical lithography challenges described above becomes an important task in heterogeneous integration, and an extreme large exposure field with fine resolution lithography is one of the best solution for this task. 

In this paper, a 515x510mm panel is selected as the test vehicle, and we will demonstrate an extreme large exposure field with fine resolution technology on this panel. This demonstration provides the results and details about how this new technology will address the challenges of large package size processes.